Integration Resources

All resources to build on or provide an interface to the Tortuga protocol.

This page curates the majority of resources that you might need to integrate with Tortuga Finance. Teams building any of the products (and more!) can find all they need on this page:

  • UI builders

  • Wallets

  • DeFi dashboards

  • Decentralized exchanges

  • Liquidity aggregators

Key contract functions

These are the primary functions the contract would need to interact with:

For more documentation, please visit the Reference section.

Contract addresses

The Tortuga protocol is available at the following addresses:

The Tortuga Governance module, which holds all resources including the tAPT coin, is available at the following addresses:

tAPT information

  • Name: Tortuga Staked APT

  • Symbol: tAPT

  • Decimals: 8

  • Please visit Hippo's coin list repository for the canonical token registry: hippospace/aptos-coin-list

Price feeds

Switchboard supplies the price feeds for the tAPT token.

This price feed relies on the Pyth oracle network for up-to-date token price information.

Brand and design

Primary color: #FF007A

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