Tutorial: Buy tAPT from DEX


Step 1: Load wallet with tokens

First, acquire some tokens that you will ultimately convert into tAPT. You have a few options:

  1. (recommended) Buy APT on a centralized exchange (e.g., Coinbase, Binance ) using fiat currency and withdraw it to your Aptos-supported wallet

  2. Transfer stablecoins using a bridge like Portal Token Bridge

  3. Transfer other cryptocurrency using a bridge like Portal Token Bridge

If you are choosing options 2 or 3, please check Hippo's swap tool for that token before transfer any tokens. If Hippo does not support the token you'd like to transfer, you'll have to transfer another token instead.

Step 2: Swap using Hippo

Hippo is an aggregator that finds you the cheapest way to swap from one token to another.

In their swap, select the token you loaded in Step 1 as the "Pay" token.

Then, select "tAPT" as the "Receive" token.

Hippo will show a preview of the swap. Confirm the swap.

Step 3: Use or hold your tAPT!

Now that you have tAPT, you can simply hold your tAPT. Alternatively, here are places where you can use tAPT:

Use tAPT

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