Tutorial: Stake APT via Tortuga


Step 1: Acquire APT

Staking APT via Tortuga requires you to have APT. For example, you may purchase APT on centralized exchanges like Coinbase or Binance from fiat currency.

Once purchased, withdraw the APT to your Aptos-supported wallet. (Coinbase, Binance)

You can also bridge to Aptos using LayerZero/Pontem's LiquidSwap Bridge or Wormhole's Portal Bridge.

Step 2: Connect wallet to Tortuga Finance

Now that you have APT in your Aptos-supported wallet, navigate to the Tortuga Finance app.

Click Connect Wallet.

Select the wallet that you have installed and approve the app.

Step 3: Stake your APT

Click Get tAPT.

Enter the number of APT that you would like to stake.

Confirm the transaction.

Congratulations! You've staked your APT and received tAPT in return.

Step 4: Use or hold your tAPT!

Now that you have tAPT, you can simply hold your tAPT. Alternatively, here are places where you can use tAPT:

Use tAPT

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