Liquid Staking on Aptos

Problems with Traditional Staking

Traditional staking is a burdensome process.

First, users interested in staking must learn how to stake and identify a validator to delegate their tokens to.

Second, traditional staking typically requires stakers to lock up tokens in exchange for their participation in securing the network and receiving validator rewards. This mostly means that stakers cannot participate in DeFi at the same time.

Staking on Aptos has its special challenges. In particular, if you want to participate in proof of stake, you have to run your own validator and meet minimum validator stake requirements (currently 1 million APT). If you don't have that much stake, you're out of luck.

Solution via Tortuga Finance

Tortuga Finance:

  • enables anyone to stake on Aptos, even if you don't have 1 million APT

  • allows you to stake with one click

  • enables stakers to stay staked while participating in DeFi

As you hold tAPT, more rewards will accrue to the protocol. Later, trading out of tAPT or unstaking your tAPT will return some rewards earned through staking.

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